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Fulfillment Policy

What We Sell

We are an advertising agency. We sell our services to manage Google Local Service Ad campaigns.


Purchase Currency 

All our pricing is in USD.


Customer Service Contact Information

If you have any questions you can contact us at:


Phone: (803) 339-9445


Fulfillment Policy:

Upon the payment of the 1st invoice and transfer of account credentials, we will start the onboarding process and begin to manage and/or set up your Google LSA accounts. 


Our management agreements are month-to-month and can be terminated by either party by a written notice. If a written notice is provided to terminate the agreement, the agreement will remain in effect until that month’s management timeline expires.


Privacy Policy


Payment Security Information

We use Stripe to process payments. They are PCI-compliant. Your payment information is handled safely and securely 

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